Clear Aligner Costs

How much do clear aligner treatments cost?

Clear Aligner Costs
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Cosmetic dental treatments can’t be paid for with an NHS subsidy. If you want clear aligners, you’ll need to shoulder the full cost of your treatment.

Whilst the cosmetic teeth straightening cost may be a cause for concern, is it worth the financial investment to get a straighter smile?

How much do aligners cost in the UK?

Invisible braces cost between £1300 and £1600, from most of the leading providers. This can seem like a lot but is usually a set price that covers every set of aligners throughout the entire course of treatment.

Prices are similar no matter which company you choose. So, whether you’re looking for a Smilelign cost or the price of SmileKit treatment, you shouldn’t find any quotes that are considerably higher than the others.

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Are there other costs to think about?

Your clear smile aligner cost is just one part of the picture.

Before buying, look into the extra or hidden costs. In most cases, you’ll also need to pay for a home impression kit. Sometimes this can be avoided by visiting a clinic for a free 3D scan, though one or two companies also charge for this service.

Some providers will charge for replacements if your aligners are broken. The price of replacements can vary a lot and is something to consider at the start.

Once your treatment is complete, you will also need to pay for retainers to maintain your smile. These are usually a similar price no matter which company you choose, though these ongoing costs will need to be factored into the price of your treatment. You could be paying upwards of £100 per year, to keep your new straighter smile.

Can you spread the costs of teeth straightening in the UK?

Most providers of clear aligners will offer treatment with payment plans. You can spread the cost, paying monthly to make your treatment more affordable.

Be aware that in some cases, your treatment will end before your payments. Clear aligner treatment usually takes around 6 months in total, whilst your monthly payments could take a portion of your wages for two years from the start of your treatment.

Does treatment cost the same for all ages?

Whilst some companies will offer a discount for students, this isn’t a common occurrence.

Companies will usually charge the same for all ages. In most cases, treatments are available for over 18s that have all of their adult teeth.

Some providers offer treatment for teens. At best, these will be the same price as an adult treatment.

The Invisalign cost in the UK for under 18 patients is usually upwards of £2,500. Prices can rise to a total of £5,000. Treating teens is a more complicated process, which can make the costs a lot higher.

Patients under 18 are entitled to NHS orthodontic treatment, though your free options will not include the luxury of clear aligners. If you want or need free treatment, you will probably be offered traditional fixed wire braces.

What if you change your mind?

In most cases, you’ll be able to change your mind within your first few weeks of treatment. You can send back your first set of aligners, to get a refund on the cost of your treatment.

If you’re found not to be a suitable candidate for treatment after you’ve made your dental impressions, most companies will offer a refund of the price of your home impression kit.

What if you don’t get the results you paid for?

The costs of teeth straightening in the UK are a significant consideration. You might be worried that you’ll pay for treatment but won’t see the results you’re expecting.

Before committing, check if your provider offers a results guarantee. Many companies will provide further clear aligners, at no extra cost, if the results don’t meet initial predictions.

What alternatives are available for a similar price?

If you don’t want traditional braces, other options are available. You might like to consider Inman Aligners, which offer a faster treatment process.

The Inman Aligner cost in the UK is very similar to clear aligners. Prices will rarely be above £1600 and can drop as low as £1000 for Inman Aligner treatment.

Inman Aligners are not the same as clear aligners. They’ll have visible wires but may provide results in as little as 6 weeks.

Is the cost of clear aligners worth it?

The cost of clear aligners might seem high, but will it be worth it in the end?

In most cases, you’ll be shown a projection. Using computer imagery, you can view the expected results before you begin your dental treatment. Seeing what your teeth are going to look like can help you to make your decision.

The cosmetic teeth straightening cost isn’t particularly low, but by spreading the cost it can be made much more affordable. In many cases, making monthly payments will not increase the price of your treatment. But, check the total price before you commit as some providers charge high interest rates.

Remember that dental alignment treatment costs don’t stop at the end of your treatment. If you don’t want your teeth to start moving back, you will need to pay for retainers. If you don’t use retainers, the money that you’ve spent might end up being a waste.