Is it worth straightening your teeth?

What are the benefits? Is it worth the cost?

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Straightening your teeth is never a cheap treatment – even if you choose the most affordable option for treatment and the least costly provider (take a look at aligner costs here), it’s not the sort of cash you’ll have lying around to spend on a whim. So, you’ll no doubt want to make sure that it’s worthwhile before you commit to teeth aligners.

There are a number of reasons to straighten your teeth – some of which you may not have considered fully. We’ve compiled the best reasons for straightening your teeth so that you can see why teeth aligners are actually much better value than you realised.

Improved appearance and self-confidence

One of the most common reasons people choose to straighten their teeth is the improvements you’ll see in how your smile looks aesthetically. By straightening your teeth, your smile will look noticeably better as it becomes more aligned.

This isn’t about shaming those who have crooked teeth – everyone is entitled to look how they want to, and if you would prefer to have a straighter smile then aligner treatment could help you get there. Remember that you’ll see your smile at least twice a day if you’re brushing in front of a mirror – if your teeth are a notable concern for you, your day could start and end much brighter if you corrected the smile that’s getting you down.

There are psychological factors too. Various studies have been conducted that show that smiling improves your confidence (which in turn will make you smile more – a winning circle). And people will treat you better too, as people who smile are viewed as being more friendly, approachable and attractive regardless of other facial features. If you’re hiding that smile because you’re not confident in it, then having your teeth straightened could encourage you to share it more and enjoy the social benefits that it brings.

Benefits to your dental health

The second major benefit to having your teeth straightened is in your improved dental health. By aligning your teeth correctly, you can improve your jaw muscles, remove tight gaps and expose more of the surface of your teeth. All of this makes it easier to clean your teeth more effectively, and it puts less pressure on them during everyday use.

Beyond brushing twice daily and flossing, we don’t tend to pay much thought to our dental health when things are going okay. But if you have issues with tooth alignment then you’re more likely to suffer cavities, decay and other related problems and when you have a dental infection caused by misaligned teeth, it can be a terrible pain.

Consider getting your teeth straightened to safeguard your smile – you’ll be able to take much better care of your teeth and they’ll have fewer problems due to better cleaning and less stress on them.

Also, if you suffer from bad breath, the chances are high that it’s caused by a build-up of issues caused by your misaligned teeth. Having them straightened gives you all the benefits of a cleaner mouth, which often includes better breath.

Other benefits to your wider health

It’s not just your oral hygiene that improves when you have your teeth straightened. Studies have found a correlation between better oral hygiene and better health overall – with some studies showing that flossing can be a part of a healthier lifestyle that can add years to your life.

That’s not just because people who floss take better care of themselves either – proper flossing doesn’t just prevent decay but also related illnesses that can be caused, such as infections, which can have a wider impact on your health.

If you’re struggling to floss correctly because your teeth are misaligned, having treatment can make it much easier to get into those tricky gaps, which can ensure you have better oral health in future, and in turn protect yourself and encourage healthier habits to protect yourself from other illnesses.

Not only that, but straighter teeth will improve the blood flow in your gums, which can mean healthier gums and fewer places for bacteria to reside and multiply.

Financial benefits

Aligners may not be cheap, but for all the reasons above, neither is dental treatment. If you need a filling, or a tooth removed, or potentially more serious treatment such as bridging, you’ll often be left will a bill that could be in the hundreds. And then if your teeth are still misaligned, the problems are more likely to recur and leave you with another bill.

By paying out now for aligner treatment, you could actually be saving yourself money in the long run. You’ll be able to take better care of your smile and leave yourself less likely to have oral issues that could leave you spending hundreds or even thousands later in life. Over time you may actually be saving money by having the preventative straightening treatment.

Easier and safer to take up hobbies

This may not apply to everyone, but there are a lot of people who want to play high-impact sports or musical instruments who are either hampered by their teeth or putting them at more risk. If you enjoy physical sports, you might be struggling to find a mouth guard that adequately fits you.

Or, if you don’t tend to wear a guard, you could simply be more likely to damage your teeth if they aren’t properly aligned and you take a bad tackle or poorly aimed shot to the face or head. And if you’re learning a woodwind instrument, your teeth could be making it less comfortable, while many people report that they find it easier to play once they’ve undergone corrective treatment.

So, is it worth straightening your teeth?

It is absolutely worth straightening your teeth if you have a misaligned smile.

There are numerous physical and mental health benefits, and it frees you up to take part in more hobbies and activities without the increased risk. Over time, it can also be financially beneficial too, if you save money on future emergency dental work you no longer need. Consider aligner treatment if you want to improve your health and look and feel more confident.