Top 5 Clear Aligner Providers in the US

A look at the best aligner companies in The States

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No matter where you live, you should be able to get straighter teeth with the best clear aligners. In America, there are many clear aligner providers, each with their own way of doing things.

Getting clear aligners might involve visiting a physical clinic. Some providers have clinics in every state, but others have just a few clinics that are dotted around. Alternatively, almost all providers have a complete in-home treatment, where you’ll make your own impressions using an impression kit and send them through the mail to your provider.

Here’s our list of the Top 5 Clear Aligner Providers in the USA. We’ve considered the cost and any payment plans available, as well as other vital factors like success rate, results and treatment time. Of course, there are other providers you can choose that might be more suited to your needs.

Why not take a look at our Top 5 list, and see which clear aligners suit you best?


In the US, SmileDirectClub are easily the most well-known choice. SmileDirectClub is a name that’s known around the world, and in the US they offer standard aligners as well as their nighttime-only treatment.

As well as providing clear aligners for teeth straightening treatment, this provider also stocks a whole range of branded products. They have everything you need to get a smile that you’re proud of, from toothbrushes to teeth whitening treatments and from UV cleaning machines to water flossers and their own toothpastes. They even have their own cleaning tablets, chewie mints and lip gloss!

With treatment starting a total cost of $1895, SmileDirectClub offer reliable teeth straightening at a very fair price. You manage your entire treatment at home, with the option to visit a SmileShop Clinic for 3D scans at the start. SmileShops are available in 48 states, with appointments lasting just 30 minutes.

Treatment can start at 12 years old, though most customers are over 18. SmileDirectClub is one of just a few providers treating younger teenagers and pre-teens.

SmileDirectClub have been around since 2014, so this is no money-grabbing startup that could shut down halfway through your treatment. You can trust SmileDirectClub to stick around, and this provider is a member of the American Teledentistry Association.


byte offers an all-round impressive teeth straightening service. You make your dental impressions at home with a kit, then send them away to be reviewed. Your clear aligners are sent directly to your door, along with an expensive-looking HyperByte tool that you’ll receive free with your treatment. HyperByte is a vibrating tool that helps position your aligners correctly, making treatment even more effective. Thanks to HyperByte, treatment times average just 3 months in total.

Speedy treatment earns byte a secure place in our Top 5. This could be the perfect option if you want a straighter smile for your wedding, or if you simply want your treatment to be over as quickly as possible.

At-night aligners are also available from byte. If you want to wear aligners at night only, this doubles your estimated treatment time. Some people prefer this as it means they don’t need to wear clear aligners through the day. Thanks to HyperByte, byte’s nighttime-only treatment will still only take about as long as another provider’s full-time offering.

Treatment with byte has a starting cost of $1895. At-night treatment will be a bit more expensive. Compared with other top clear aligners providers, this is a reasonable figure to spend on straighter teeth. Of course, like with other leading providers, payment plans are available.

You may be eligible for byte treatment from 12 years old, though it’s usually best to wait until your older and your adult teeth have settled into place. Treatment takes place at home, so you don’t need to visit a clinic or make any appointments.

byte might be the best choice for you if treatment speed is incredibly important. You could have your perfect smile in as little as 3 months.


Candid launched in 2017 and since then they’ve grown in popularity. This provider of clear aligners has studios across the US, where you can get a 3D scan that’s used to make your clear aligner trays. Alternatively, go through treatment at home with an impression kit shipped to your door.

Candid will only treat over 18s, and occasionally those aged 16-18 with their parent’s permission. You must have all your adult teeth to be a suitable candidate for treatment. Most people will need to wear aligners for about six months in total, though some treatment can be a bit quicker and for others it might take a little longer.

Candid treatment is at the higher end of the cost spectrum. In total you should expect to pay around $2,400. This does include remote monitoring, by a qualified orthodontist, so you have reassurance that your treatment is on track and your teeth will stay in great condition.

If you’re not completely happy at the end of your treatment, Candid will work with you until you have something to smile about. They’ll provide free refinements as long as you’ve stuck to your official Candid treatment plan.

If it helps with your decision, it’s also worth noting that Candid supports US charities. After your treatment, your retainers cost $99 per set. From each retainer purchase, Candid will donate $25 to charity.


AlignerCo is one of the best clear aligner providers if you’re on a tight budget. Treatment is effective and you’ll love the results, but it costs just $1145. That’s significantly cheaper than other clear aligner providers!

With AlignerCo there are no clinics. All your treatment must happen at home, from taking your dental impressions to switching your aligner trays frequently. You’ll need a bit of self-motivation to stay on track with AlignerCo, though you will be asked to check in through the app to make sure that you’re not drifting from your treatment plan.

The average treatment time is 6-11 months, which is slightly longer than most other leading competitors. If you can wait a bit longer for your straighter smile, you might think it’s worth it to save money. Throughout your treatment, you will have the reassurance of remote orthodontist monitoring. About every two weeks you’ll be asked to send photos to show how your smile is developing.

AlignerCo payment plans are available if you want to spread the cost of treatment. You must be at least 14 to start teeth straightening treatment, and will need to have all your adult teeth.

Once your treatment is complete, if you’re not happy you can choose to continue for longer. Most people will be very impressed with their new straighter smile, but if yours hasn’t met your expectations then AlignerCo will help with refinements. As long as you stuck to your treatment plan, you’ll get new aligners to help with the final adjustments to your teeth.


SmileLove is an affordable and popular choice for clear aligner treatment. For around $1895 you could get a complete teeth straightening treatment, along with your impression kit included if you pay up front.

This is a complete at-home treatment, with nowhere to go for a 3D scan if you don’t want to make your own impressions. You’ll need to be confident managing your treatment at home with limited support. You’ll get your first retainers free after your treatment, and this will last about two years in total.

Whilst some of our Top 5 providers offer more reassurance, SmileLove will ask that you pay for refinements if you’re unhappy with results. These cost $200, so it’s important to prepare for the possibility that you might need to pay extra. You could also choose to receive a small refund and stick with the results you’ve got, but of course this might mean that you need to settle for teeth that don’t look absolutely perfect.

SmileLove will offer treatment if you’re over 15 and have all adult teeth. Under 18s need written consent from a parent or guardian.

It’s also worth noting that SmileLove offers 100% approval for finance, so you can spread the cost of clear aligner treatment even if you have a poor credit score. This has earned SmileLove a place in our Top 5, for those that need to budget carefully.

What about other providers?

We’ve picked our Top 5 Clear Aligner Providers using a variety of criteria. We’ve considered treatment times, cost, payment plans and results. Of course, there are so many other providers of clear aligners in the US.

If you’re still undecided, then our US website,, could help you learn more about your options.

Clear aligners are popular, available across the US and elsewhere around the world. With some solid online and in-person providers, you’re sure to find one that works for you.