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Is this aligners provider any good?

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According to recent reports, Your Smile Direct has entered liquidation. We have updated references of their former name in our review below to ‘Alignerly’.

Alignerly (formerly Your Smile Direct) is one of several companies delivering dental aligners by mail. They have an international presence, operating in the UK as well as Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy and Ireland. According to Alignerly, final results can be enjoyed in an ‘average of 20 weeks’.

Could their offering be the choice for you, in the search for a straighter smile?

First Glance

Alignerly provides clear aligners at a set price, slowly moving your front six teeth on the top and bottom.

After you’ve completed your initial assessment, you should have your first set of aligners ready in less than two months.


  • At home service for convenience
  • Choose to make impressions at home or visit a city clinic
  • Student discounts available
  • Optional teeth whitening packages


  • Higher prices for home impression kits than some other companies
  • You’ll have to pay to visit a clinic for a 3D scan
  • No guarantees – if you’re not happy, you must pay for refinements

Who is behind Alignerly?

Founder Graham Byrne launched Alignerly in 2015, having seen the success of clear aligners in America. The company started in the UK and Ireland, before expanding to other locations.

Today, physical Smile Clinics can be found in Birmingham, London, Leeds and Manchester. There are also clinics in many other worldwide locations. Alternatively, customers can choose to do everything at home without setting foot in a clinic.

As well as providing clear dental aligners, Alignerly offers a subscription-based teeth whitening service. Customers can pay a monthly fee, or make a single payment, for a year’s supply of everything they need for teeth up to five shades whiter.

Who can use aligners from Alignerly?

Aligners from Alignerly may be suitable for people with overcrowded teeth, protruding teeth or too much space between their teeth. They’re for people with mild to moderate dental issues, and may not work in the most severe cases.

You may not be eligible if you have inflamed or swollen gums, unfilled cavities or osteoporosis. Visiting your usual dentist, before applying for treatment, gives you the best chance of being approved.

You are likely to be eligible if all of your essential dental treatment is up to date, and your teeth do not show signs of severe overlapping, excessive spacing or a very large overbite. Dental aligners may not be suitable if you have dental implants, missing teeth, periodontal disease or permanent retainers.

Before you start your treatment, Alignerly’s team of specialists will check that you’re a suitable candidate. If you aren’t eligible for treatment, you will be offered a full refund on the cost of your Smile Evaluation. If you’re approved, you’ll receive a 3D treatment plan that will show your expected results.

How are the dental aligners made?

The dental aligners are made using BPA-free plastic.

What treatment options are available?

There are two ways to get started with aligners from Alignerly:

Smile Clinics

Smile Clinics can be found in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London. Here, you can book a clinical scan for £49.

A clinical scan takes up to 30 minutes, with licensed dentists taking 3D images of your entire mouth. These images can be used to create your 3D treatment plan, showing how your teeth might look in future.

If you choose to go ahead, your 3D scans will be used to make your first set of aligners. After these have been delivered, you can start to wear them straight away. New aligners are delivered every few weeks. Each new set of aligners is slightly different from the last, which means that your teeth are slowly moved and adjusted.

If you’re found not to be eligible for dental aligners, you’ll receive a refund for your clinical scan.


Most people aren’t close to a Smile Clinic, and can’t visit for a clinical scan. Whether you can’t get to a clinic, or would simply prefer to do everything from the comfort of your home, there is another way to start your treatment.

A Home Smile Kit costs £99 and comes with easy to follow instructions. Use this kit to create your dental impressions, which you’ll need to send to Alignerly. The kit comes with trays and putty, with the trays being suitable for a majority of customers. If the trays don’t fit, you can contact the customer service team to request an alternative size.

Your impressions, created at home, will be used to make your dental aligners. If you’re not eligible, the cost of your kit will be refunded.

Mistakes can happen. If you don’t follow the instructions clearly then you risk aligners that don’t fit quite right. You’ll need to buy a second Home Smile Kit if you go wrong with your first.

How long does Alignerly treatment take?

You’ll receive dental aligners that are custom made for your mouth.

Aligners need to be worn most of the time and should only be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Always brush and floss after a meal, before reinserting your aligners. Otherwise, they may trap food and drink against your teeth.

Aligners, like your teeth, should be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste. They should be worn for at least 22 hours a day, replaced by a new set approximately every three weeks.

You’ll then need to wear a retainer, to make sure that your teeth don’t move back. The retainer should be worn for 22 hours a day, just like the clear aligners, for the six months following your treatment. Afterwards, you’ll need to wear your retainer only when sleeping.

According to Alignerly, treatment lasts an average of 20 weeks. Treatment may take longer if your teeth need more movement than average.

Are there any other steps to take?

You’ll receive your next aligners at regular intervals. When you receive a new set, simply swap them over to continue your treatment.

If you’d like, you can visit a Smile Clinic every month to check in with a dentist. This is optional, and doesn’t add any extra cost to your treatment.

How much does Alignerly treatment cost?

There are a few ways to pay for your treatment with Alignerly. Your treatment price, whichever option you choose, includes one free retainer.

Home Smile Kit

A Home Smile Kit costs £99. You’ll receive a refund if you’re not eligible for treatment.

If you make a mistake with your first kit, then a quick-fix kit is available. This costs £29 and is only available if you’ve made errors making previous impressions.

Clinical Scan

If you live close to a Smile Clinic, then you can pay £49 for a 3D clinical scan. This is an alternative to purchasing a Home Smile Kit.


Treatment costs £1599, as part of the Essential Plan. This single payment includes a free retainer at the end of your treatment and optional monthly visits to a Smile Clinic.

Alternatively, pay £1749 for the Brighter Plan. This includes professional in-clinic whitening.


A replacement tray costs £99. If you have lost both your top and bottom trays, you can purchase a replacement pair for £149.


At the end of treatment, you’ll receive one free set of retainers. For the first six months, you’ll wear these just like a set of aligners. After six months, you can wear your retainers only when you’re sleeping at night.

Further retainers, if you need replacements, cost £139.

Are payment options available?

Payment plans are available for the Essential and Brighter plans.

For the Essential, you can pay £45 per month for 36 months. This brings your treatment to a total price of £1620.

For the Brighter, you can pay £49 per month for 36 months. This brings the total treatment price to £1764.

Higher instalments, with shorter terms, are available on request.

What discounts are available?

Alignerly frequently offers reduced rates on kits, scans and treatments. It’s worth checking what’s available before you commit to a price.

Students can benefit from permanent student discounts, offering 50% off a 3D scan or a Home Smile Kit.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

If you’re not eligible for treatment after completing a 3D scan or submitting impressions from a Home Smile Kit, then you’ll receive a full refund for the kit or clinic visit.

Other guarantees and warranties are not available. If you’re unhappy with the results, you can choose to pay £299 for up to four more sets of aligners. Alignerly calls this process ‘refinement’.

How old do you have to be?

You must be at least 18 years old for clear aligners from Alignerly. You must have all teeth, including your wisdom teeth, in place.

Where is Alignerly treatment available?

You can receive treatment from Alignerly in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France and Italy.

What about customer service?

You can choose to visit a Smile Clinic for your 3D scans. You can also visit the clinic for an optional monthly check-in, with a licensed dentist.

Alignerly is based in Dublin, with phone number 0330 808 0447.

Alignerly: The Verdict


If you’d like 3D scans, you’ll need to visit a Smile Clinic. There are only four available in the UK, which means that most people aren’t near one.

Fortunately, you can purchase a Home Smile Kit to go through the process at home. However, these cost more and come with a risk of human error.


Alignerly offers clear aligner treatment at a fairly low price. But, there are cheaper alternatives.

Alignerly has charges where competitors don’t. With some providers, 3D scans are offered free of charge. With Alignerly, the clinical scan will set you back £49.

Home Smile Kits cost £99, which is considerably higher than the price of impression kits from some of this company’s competitors. This might be a dealbreaker, given that this is the first cost you’ll face as a potential new customer. Fortunately, the £99 will be refunded if you’re not eligible for treatment.

Some companies offer a guarantee, to give you peace of mind. If the end result doesn’t match their prediction, they’ll continue your treatment free of charge. With Alignerly, these refinements cost almost £300 more.

Replacement aligners and retainers are available at very fair prices, but again these are not market-leading.

The overall price of Alignerly should not be enough to put you off. But, watch out for those little extra charges that you won’t find with other providers.

Paying monthly won’t increase the price of your aligners too much, and will also allow you to spread the cost of professional teeth whitening treatment.

Ease of use

Most people won’t live near a Smile Clinic. If you do, you can choose this as a cheaper and easier way to get professional impressions for aligners. If not, you’ll need to use a Home Smile Kit to submit your impressions and photos.

However you start the process, your case will be reviewed by qualified dental professionals. They’ll decide if you are eligible, and will process a refund if you’re not.

Home Smile Kits cost £99, which is a significant cost. If you make a mistake, this money is lost and you may have to buy another kit.

If you’re worried about making impressions at home, then you may not want to risk so much money.


The Essential Plan is the standard treatment, available with monthly or one-off payments. Alternatively, pay a little more for the Brighter Plan and a professional teeth whitening service.

Whichever plan you choose, you’ll receive aligners with new sets at regular intervals. There are no differences between the two plans, except the teeth whitening service.


Alignerly falls short on offering reassurance. Whilst there are many benefits to using this company, you’ll also need to take a few risks.

At the start of your treatment, you’ll receive a treatment plan to show your expected results. But, if you’re unhappy at the end, you’ll have to pay more to continue. Refining your smile will set you back almost £300 more.

If you’ve fallen at the first hurdle, the situation will be slightly better. Alignerly offers a full refund for your Home Smile Kit or clinical scan if you’re not eligible for treatment.

Got more questions about aligners? Check out our FAQ section

Alignerly Review
Alignerly (formerly Your Smile Direct) are one of a handful of UK providers of clear aligner teeth treatment.
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At home service for convenience
Choose to make impressions at home or visit a city clinic
Student discounts available
Optional teeth whitening packages
Higher prices for home impression kits than some other companies
You’ll have to pay to visit a clinic for a 3D scan
No guarantees – if you’re not happy, you must pay for refinements
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