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Is this low-cost clear aligner provider right for you?

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Starting with a free assessment, Straight My Teeth provides at-home treatment with clear dental aligners. It claims to be ‘clearly affordable’, but how do Straight My Teeth’s clear aligners measure up to the competition?

Could this Irish company, with a studio in Staines, be the right choice for your teeth straightening?

Straight My Teeth Summary Review

First Glance

The Straight My Teeth journey starts with an in-home impression kit or a visit to the Smile Studio. You’ll have your teeth straightened using custom aligners, with several sets to get you through your treatment.


  • Make impressions at home or visit the Staines Smile Studio
  • A very low-cost treatment when compared to many competitors
  • Option to pay with affordable monthly instalments
  • Available for teenagers aged 14 or over


  • Limited number of check-ins
  • You’ll have to pay more for refinements if you’re not happy
  • Only one physical Smile Studio location

Who is behind Straight My Teeth?

The Straight My Teeth head office is located in Cork, Ireland. There’s one Smile Studio, located in Staines in Surrey.

Made up of qualified dentists and orthodontists, the Straight My Teeth team is headed by Farhan Barlow and Omer Zia. This is a relatively young company, launching in early 2018. Straight My Teeth works in partnership with one of the world’s largest producers of clear braces, with products that are FDA and MHRA approved.

Straight My Teeth only offers clear dental aligners. As specialists in this product, they focus on treating customers in 12 months at most, although most customers finish after 6-8 months. For now, most customers will have to do their own dental impressions at home.

Who can use Straight My Teeth aligners?

On the Straight My Teeth website, you can fill in a 30-second Free Assessment form. This asks questions about your teeth and is the first step to finding out if you’re a candidate for Straight My Teeth treatment.

You must be at least 14 years old to be considered for treatment, and your teeth should need mild to moderate straightening. Clear aligners will not be the best choice for those with severe overcrowding.

If you have existing dental problems, you may need to resolve these first. Clear aligners may not be suitable if you have gum disease, cavities or problems with your wisdom teeth.

The clear aligners can resolve issues with crooked teeth, crowded teeth or unusually wide spacing.

To be eligible, you must have all of your permanent adult teeth.

Once you’ve been approved and placed your order, you will be asked to submit your dental records. This is so that Straight My Teeth can confirm that you’re in good dental health.

How are the dental aligners made?

Aligners are created using BPA free plastic that is transparent and medically approved. The plastics are supplied by Dentsply Sirona, which is one of the leading companies for dental products in the UK.

Aligners are FDA approved. To get yours, the first step is to order a home impression kit. The impressions you make will be used as moulds to make your clear dental aligners. You can also visit the Staines Smile Studio, for impressions taken by a licensed dentist with a free dental scan.

What treatment options are available?

There are two options for Straight My Teeth customers, coming in the form of clear dental aligners that are worn either all-day, or at night-time only.

All day aligners should be worn for roughly 22 hours per day. You’ll need to remove them for eating and drinking, then brush your teeth before you put them back. Teeth should be brushed after every meal, and every drink other than water. You’ll also need to clean your aligners to keep them clear and hygienic.

Each set of aligners will only last a couple of weeks. You’ll need to swap to a new set to continue with your straightening treatment. Each set of aligners is very slightly different from the last, slowly moving your teeth into their final position.

If you choose NightOnly aligners, you need to only wear them for around 10 hours a day. Treatment is a little more expensive for this option, but it means you don’t have to wear them during the day.

How long does Straight My Teeth treatment take?

For most people, treatment will take between 6-12 months in total. Some people may have a shorter treatment, whilst others may wear their aligners for slightly longer. 6-8 months is average.

Almost everyone will have finished their treatment within a 12-month period.

Are there any other steps to take?

You’ll receive your aligners in the mail, to go through your treatment at home. You don’t need to do anything, except regularly swap your clear aligners for the next set to continue your treatment.

How much does Straight My Teeth treatment cost?

If you pay upfront for your treatment, the total cost will be £999. Choosing this option will also mean that you receive a teeth whitening kit.

There are additional costs that you’ll need to consider before you sign up for treatment.

Impression Kit

The home impression kit, needed to start treatment, costs £49 in total. This cost will be refunded if you’re not eligible for treatment.

For your money, you’ll get impression putty, trays, a cheek retractor and disposable gloves.

If you make a mistake with your first kit, you will need to pay for a second one. The cost of your second impression kit will be reduced by 50%. If you then go ahead with treatment, the cost of the second kit will be completely refunded.

It’s worth checking for special offers on the Straight My Teeth website. The impression kit is sometimes available for as little as £29.99.

3D scan

You’ll have the option of visiting the Smile Studio in Surrey. Here, you can get dental impressions without doing them yourself at home.

You don’t need to pay to visit the Staines studio. A scan is free, though you’ll need to book in advance.


The cost of treatment is £999. This price applies if you make a one-off payment.

However, you can now get the treatment for a lot less – £300 off. Which means that you’ll pay just £699 for your aligners, which is by far the cheapest clear aligner treatment available. You’ll also get a free teeth whitening kit.

If you choose the night-time aligner option, the cost is slightly higher – £1,149 without the discount, or £749 with the offer.


At the end of your treatment, you’ll receive a free set of retainers. You should wear these every night, to make sure that your teeth stay in place.

Retainers don’t last forever. You’ll need a new pair roughly every six months, and should wear these for the rest of your life. These are available through Straight My Teeth for £99 a set.

The cost of retainers should be factored into your decision to get clear aligner treatment. If you don’t continue to use retainers, your teeth could slip back to old positions. Be prepared to spend around £200 every year.

Are payment options available?

To help to spread the cost of teeth straightening treatment, a monthly payment option is available. You’ll pay in instalments of £67 for all-day aligners, with a £295 up-front deposit.

After 12 payments of £67, you’ll have paid a total of £1,099.

If you choose night-time aligners, instalments are £75 per month with a £349 deposit for a total cost of £1,249.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

Straight My Teeth doesn’t offer a warranty or guarantee, though you will get back the cost of your home impression kit if you’re not a candidate for treatment.

If you’re unhappy with the results, you can choose to pay extra for continued refinement. The cost of this extra treatment is a standard £150.

How old do you have to be?

You must be at least 14 years old for treatment through Straight My Teeth. Individual eligibility is decided based on your home impressions.

Where is Straight My Teeth available?

As you’ll do everything from home, treatment is available throughout the UK and Ireland.

There is only one Smile Studio, located in Staines in Surrey. If you’d like a free scan, instead of making moulds at home, you will need to book an appointment.

What about customer service?

Customer service is relatively limited, once you’ve started your treatment. If you have any concerns or need to get in touch, you can contact Straight My Teeth by phone or email.

You can email or call 0203 3320 076. The office is open seven days a week and up to 7pm on weekdays.

Straight My Teeth: The Verdict


If you live in the UK or Ireland, you can go through Straight My Teeth treatment. You’ll buy a home impression kit, create your moulds and send them away in the mail. Your clear aligners will be delivered to your door, with no need to visit a dentist.

There’s only one Smile Studio. If you want the face-to-face experience, you’ll need to go to Staines in Surrey. For most people, this is an inconvenient option. Other providers of clear aligners might have shops in several major cities, making these a more convenient option for customers that want 3D scans.


Compared to similar treatments, Straight My Teeth offers very competitive pricing. In most cases, similar treatments cost around £1,300 at a minimum.

Straight My Teeth takes quite a hands-off approach. After your initial order, and providing your dental records, you are left to go through treatment on your own. You’re not required to provide regular updates and photographs of your progress. Whilst this hands-off approach results in very low prices, some people might prefer to pay a little more for extra reassurance along the way.

Choosing to pay by monthly instalments will raise the price by £100. This isn’t a significant difference, which means that spreading the cost of your Straight My Teeth treatment is still cheaper than using a competitor.

Ease of use

It’s relatively easy to start your Straight My Teeth treatment. Though very few people will be able to get to the only Smile Studio, ordering a home impression kit makes treatment an option for anyone.

Be aware that your home impression kit will cost you up to £49. If you make a mistake, you’ll have to buy another for 50% of that price. You’ll be refunded the cost of your second kit if you later go ahead with the treatment.

If you’re really worried about using your kit then you can arrange extra support. On the Straight My Teeth website, you can schedule a video call with a specialist to talk you through the process.

Be aware that, unlike many competitors, Straight My Teeth won’t be checking in. You don’t need to send photographs every few months for someone to keep track of your progression. Whilst many will enjoy this extra freedom, you might prefer occasional updates to check that your treatment is on track.


Clear aligners are your only choice with Straight My Teeth, but you can at least choose between all-day or night-time only aligners.

Aligners are made using food grade BPA free clear plastic. You’ll be expected to wear these for 22 hours every day, unless you opt for the NightOnly option.

Your aligners are removable devices. You should take them out to eat, drink and brush but wear them at all other times. Every customer pays the same price for treatment of up to 12 months.


This is where Straight My Teeth can fall behind many competitors.

Most people will need to use the home impression kit. If you make a mistake, you must pay for a replacement but will get a half-price discount. Straight My Teeth will refund the cost of your second impression kit if it’s successful and you continue on with their treatment.

If you’re not eligible for clear aligners, you will receive a refund of the cost of your impression kit. This means that you won’t be out of pocket unless it’s your decision not to go ahead.

You won’t be asked to make regular check-ins to ensure that your treatment is working. From the start to the end, you’re mainly doing things on your own. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your own teeth and check that they are moving as they should be.

Once you’ve reached the end of your treatment, you’ll hopefully like the results. If not, there’s an extra £150 charge to continue with limited refinements. There’s no guarantee that your teeth will end up like the treatment plan shown at the beginning.

Reviews of Straight My Teeth show many very happy customers, which should provide peace of mind for anyone considering their treatment, but ultimately this decision is made at your own risk. Straight My Teeth treatment costs a lot less than clear aligners usually do, so you’re taking a chance in exchange for cheaper teeth straightening.

StraightMyTeeth FAQs

Will Straight My Teeth provide a treatment preview?

Straight My Teeth will provide a preview of your treatment results. This will include a 3D image of what your teeth should eventually look like, as well as clear details about your complete treatment plan. You’ll learn how many different trays of aligners you’ll need to wear through your treatment, and should also find out how long your treatment will take altogether.

You can use the 3D images to decide if you’d like to go ahead. At the same time, you’ll be provided with consent and agreement forms that you can sign as soon as you’re happy to.

Will Straight My Teeth guarantee results?

Straight My Teeth don’t guarantee results. Your final smile should look a lot like the 3D prediction, but you may notice differences if you didn’t follow your treatment plan to the letter. You might also notice differences because nobody can predict exactly how your teeth will move and shift.

Some providers of clear dental aligners will guarantee their predicted results. If you’re not happy at the end of your treatment, they’ll provide extra trays free of charge. Straight My Teeth won’t guarantee results, so extra trays, until you’re happy with your smile, will come at an extra cost. For a limited number of refinement aligners, you’ll pay an extra £150.

Are there any Straight My Teeth special offers?

Check out our dedicated page of Straight My Teeth special offers, discounts and deals here. Straight My Teeth regularly offers cheaper clear aligners, with deals like a £300 discount for full treatment or a free teeth whitening kit.

Straight My Teeth deals and special offers can help make treatment more affordable. They can also provide extra bonus items that you wouldn’t otherwise get. A teeth whitening kit isn’t essential, but it’s a nice thing to have when you’ve spent time and money repositioning your teeth. With whiter teeth, you can be even prouder of your new smile.

Does Straight My Teeth offer a referral scheme?

If you’re a previous Straight My Teeth customer, you can refer a friend and get £50 as a cash reward. Your friend will also get £50 off their own treatment. Referring friends to Straight My Teeth is a great way to get some money back, and you can send an invite link to anyone you know that might be interested.

You can refer as many friends as you’d like, so if you’re happy with your Straight My Teeth treatment and you’ve got enough friends that want to try it, you could earn back everything that you spent on your clear aligners.

Will Straight My Teeth aligners move both rows of teeth at the same time?

Your clear aligner treatment will include both your top and bottom aligners. They work best when they’re used together, as your aligners press against one another.

Your treatment plan might suggest that one row requires more movement than the other. If that’s the case, you might be provided with one or two more aligner trays for one row of teeth. Once you’ve moved to one aligner tray, you can keep using your last tray from the other row and your teeth will stay in the right position. Alternatively, start using one retainer tray whilst you’re finishing your treatment.

How long should Straight My Teeth aligners be worn for?

Straight My Teeth aligners should be worn for at least 20 hours every day. Ideally, you’ll wear them for 22 hours or more. Aligners should be worn day and night, but should be removed for eating. They should also be removed for drinking anything other than water. Your dental aligners can trap food and sugary drinks against your teeth. Before reinserting your aligners, brush your teeth thoroughly.

If you don’t wear your aligners as much as you should, your treatment may not be as successful. You might also experience slightly more pain when you’re wearing your aligners. Your teeth might shift back to an earlier position when you’re not wearing your aligners, so make sure that you’re willing to commit to seeing the treatment through to its end.

Will I still need to visit my dentist when I’m a Straight My Teeth customer?

Straight My Teeth treatment is carried out at home with minimal professional supervision. You’ll still need regular dental checkups with a qualified dentist. You should be seeing your dentist ideally every six months.

You will want to have a checkup before you start your treatment, just in case there are any issues that you might not have noticed on your own. Cavities and gum disease can affect your treatment and should be dealt with in advance. Straight My Teeth will ask you to sign forms to say that you’ve been checked by a dentist.

Can you use Straight My Teeth aligners after braces?

Many people find that previous teeth straightening didn’t have long-lasting results. Often, this is because they were treated in their teenage years before their wisdom teeth came through. Many people realise that their teeth moved back because they didn’t keep using their retainers.

You can use Straight My Teeth aligners even if you’ve already had braces. For many people, clear aligners are a second chance to get things right. Learning from your mistakes can help you make the most of your Straight My Teeth treatment.

What's the minimum age for Straight My Teeth treatment?

Straight My Teeth patients can be as young as 14 years old. To be eligible for treatment you should already have every one of your permanent teeth. Teenagers can be suitable candidates, though they won’t always be approved for clear aligners.

In order to be eligible, teenagers as young as 14 should have all their adult teeth and should go through the same process as a customer that’s over 18. This includes getting a full dental checkup from their usual dentist, as well as having good oral health.

What is a Straight My Teeth Smile Studio?

Straight My Teeth offers teeth straightening at home. You don’t need to visit a separate dentist, a clinic or an orthodontist’s office. You can, however, choose to visit a Smile Studio.

Straight My Teeth’s Smile Studio is an optional experience. If you don’t want to make your own dental impressions, you can get them done at the Smile Studio. That way, you can be sure that they’ll be done correctly. Visiting a Smile Studio will give you a chance to go through a face-to-face consultation, which some customers find reassuring.

Straight My Teeth
Straight My Teeth Review
Reader Rating625 Votes
Make impressions at home (or Ashford studio)
A very low-cost treatment when compared to competitors
Monthly instalment payment option available
Available for teenagers aged 14 or over
Limited number of check-ins
You’ll have to pay more for refinements if you’re not happy
Only one physical Smile Studio location
Try Straight My Teeth

    1. Hi Sam.T
      Thank you for your interest in Straight My Teeth. Please find our Companies House registration number UK (12441575) and Ireland (624194).
      Our team consists of 15 Members and GDC registered Dentists. We have an office in Staines and a Smile studio in Ashford Surrey. We have successfully treated over a Thousand cases throughout UK and Europe, So I hope this will be enough to legitimise our Company.
      Being called “Straight My Teeth” got your attention which is what we are trying to do. If there is anything else I can help you with please find my Email Below.

  1. 2.5

    My friend got her aligners from these guys and I’m thinking about it now too as they’re a lot more affordable than some others and she’s had good results. Has anyone experienced any issues?

  2. I’m a little concerned, they sounds great but the website is badly written and the name… has anyone used them? I don’t want to hand over hard earned cash to lose it!

    1. Hey there! Although their name is a little unconventional, we’d label SMT as a ‘no frills’ aligner provider. It doesn’t mean that their quality, equipment or aligners are sub-standard, but they just don’t offer all the bells and whistles. There are definitely many people who are happy with their treatment and service.

  3. Yes, after 15 years of contemplating to have my teeth straightened I finally decided to get it done with Straight My Teeth.

    Excited as I was,I decided to get my scans done at the studio which cost me £44.99. I figured I owed it to myself after waiting for so long to do this the right way to avoid any errors.

    I purchased my train tickets, booked Airbnb and took 2 days off work so I could travel to the studio in Ashford. The studio is a long travel so I had no choice.

    Upon arriving in Ashford a day before my appointment I called in to get the exact address of the studio. To my surprise, I was informed the studio was shut for cleaning and nobody informed me of this.

    The manager gave me a call and was kind enough to apologise and accepted to fully reimburse me for my time, travel and hotel.

    As I was asked ,I emailed in all my receipts as proof.
    It has now been almost 2 months and still not received my reimbursement nor my treatment.

    I spoke to the manger on many occasions and I hear the same story. “ I am sorry, I will trace this up for you”
    Now he no longer takes my calls.

    I sent him a kind WhatsApp message to give him some time to resolve this before I report the case to the Citizens Advice and I was fortunate enough to receive a reply with the same response. Nothing changed.
    Now he reads my messages on WhatsApp and does not bother to reply them at all.

    If you contact the team at Straight My Teeth. You hear the same response “You will receive the payment in a few days” which clearly has not happened. They are all in it, it seems.

    I was still very happy to go ahead with same company but clearly they have swept me under the rug. I have been left with absolutely no choice so I have nicely asked for my refund of £44.99 for the studio scans and I did not even get that either. Besides returning my refund and reimbursement, at this point they would have to offer me something so amazing…

    What a sad situation 😔

    For such a company to refuse returning such a low amount of money says a lot about the focus of this business.

    Just don’t find yourself in an unfortunate situation with this company or you will NOT receive anything back but good words. You will find yourself in the middle of a war if you want anything resolved with them.
    They are very good at giving you sweet words. Words that will make you think they care but unfortunately those words end right there!.

    I have lost my money and 2 months from my treatment. It’s heartbreaking. I am a YouTuber and my community have been asking how my treatment has been going. I waited this long for a good outcome with this situation but clearly it’s yet to hit rock bottom.

    This is my experience after waiting 15 years to have my teeth straightened. Good Luck!

    Thank you


    Airbnb for the night = £67.83
    Train tickets = £55.50
    Time off work = £69.76
    Total =£193.09

    studio scan = £44.99

  4. 0.5

    So, from the start, all seemed to be well. The impressions worked the first time and the retainers were received in decent(ish) time.

    My treatment was scheduled to last 6 months with 12 aligners. It got to aligner 7 and they didn’t fit correctly. I emailed them immediately along with the pictures they request and I was simply told to use ‘rubber squishys’ which apparently are pretty standard when retainers don’t fit.

    I used the squishys but I could tell that the fit was so bad that the squishys would not fix the issue.

    I emailed them every month when I changed aligners and told them that the retainers are not fitting and not moving my teeth as they should (some were not being gripped at all). They just said continue using squishys…

    Fast forward to the 6 months when it’s time to switch to retainers and I now have a big GAP in the front of my top teeth that I never had before. Bearing in mind my top teeth were never really a matter of concern for me, I got aligners mainly for my bottom teeth.

    I once again attributed this to the aligners not fitting and I was told this could be fixed but for a £150 fee… No chance would I trust this company to attempt to fix an issue that they were incapable of noticing 3 months prior.

    Unfortunately, I no longer smile with my front teeth showing as the gap is too noticeable and has made me extremely concious.

    What I plan on doing is using the retainers to set my teeth for the next 6 months and then going to my dentist to rectify the issue with composite bonding I’m guessing.

    My advice is don’t use this company, they are in no way vigilant enough with your check-ins and don’t appear to intervene if any issues are brought up or noticed.

    Go with another company that may be slightly more expensive but actually care about customer satisfaction and not squeezing more money out of you.


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