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Offering various options for dental realignment, WonderSmile provides what it describes as an ‘orthodontist supervised’ service.

Whilst many providers of dental aligners will send you an impression kit at home, the only option with WonderSmile is to visit one of their clinics.

Is WonderSmile the right choice for you?

First Glance

WonderSmile provides BPA-free clear dental aligners. You can choose to wear aligners full time for the fastest results, or buy aligners that you’ll only wear at night.


  • Supported by qualified orthodontists
  • Choose to buy one arch, instead of sets of two aligners
  • Optional nighttime-only aligners as an alternative treatment
  • No need to pay for replacement aligners
  • Interest-free monthly instalment plans


  • No option to get started from home
  • No end of treatment guarantee

Who is behind WonderSmile?

WonderSmile operates in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. In the UK, there are 9 WonderSmile clinics that customers can visit to start treatment. Five of the UK WonderSmile clinics are located in the London area, whilst the remaining four are in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

Customers only need to visit a WonderSmile clinic at the start of their treatment. If you can visit a clinic once, you will be able to have aligners from WonderSmile even if you can’t get there again.

Who can use WonderSmile aligners?

Clear aligners are best suited to those with mild to moderate dental issues. They can straighten teeth that are overcrowded and overlap, as well as resolving spacing problems. Dental aligners might also fix an overbite or underbite, but may not be suitable for more severe cases.

WonderSmile reviews each case individually. If you have implants or missing teeth, you still have a chance of being accepted for treatment. The same applies if you still have your wisdom teeth, and have no plans to remove them.

You should not apply for treatment if you’ve had a tooth removed within the last six weeks.

If you are found not to be eligible for treatment then you’ll be refunded the cost of your scan, meaning that there’s nothing to lose if you’d like to see if you’re suitable.

How are the dental aligners made?

WonderSmile aligners are made using clear BPA-free plastic. This makes them almost invisible, even when worn full time.

All customers will go through a simple three-step process, including a professional review.

First, you’ll visit a WonderSmile clinic for your initial scan. Clinics can be found in some major cities, with multiple clinics in London. Your scan will cost £40, with a refund available if you’re found to not be suitable for treatment. Clinics are available for walk-ins, or for pre-booked appointments.

Once you’ve gone through your 3D scan, you’ll see a prediction of the expected results. This 3D image uses your unique dental structure and fast-forwards through the process to show how your teeth will move and shift.

If you’re happy with the 3D scan and your projected results, you can start paying for treatment.

Every set of clear aligners will be sent to you at the same time. Many providers will deliver new aligners every few weeks, requiring you to swap on delivery, but with WonderSmile you’ll need to keep track. You will have every set of aligners in your house and should move from one set to the next according to your unique plan.

What treatment options are available?

Customers have various options for their dental aligners. The standard option is to buy a full set of clear aligners, worn day and night throughout treatment.

Dental aligners

Most people will choose day and night dental aligners, considered the industry standard.

These aligners should be worn all the time, except when you’re eating or brushing. You should have your aligners in your mouth for at least 20 hours a day.

Brush and floss as you usually would, after every meal. Never put your aligners back before you’ve cleaned your teeth. You will also need to brush your aligners, using your regular toothpaste.

Clear aligners are almost invisible, providing the fastest results.

NightClear aligners

If you don’t want to wear aligners during the day or work in an industry where it’s not possible, then you can choose NightClear aligners. These should be worn for 10 hours overnight, but cost more and bring slower results.

Individual aligners

Most providers of clear aligners will require you to buy a full set. The top and bottom aligners will work together to gently reposition your teeth. Unlike many competitors, WonderSmile provides the option of buying individually.

If you only want to reposition your top or bottom teeth, then you might have to wear just one aligner. WonderSmile will review your case, to see if this option is suitable.

If you’re purchasing individual aligners instead of sets of two, the price of your treatment goes down. You’ll pay £250 less if you’d like to go down this route.

How long does WonderSmile treatment take?

If you’re using standard aligners, you should expect to finish treatment in about 6 months. For NightClear aligners, the average treatment extends to 9 months in total.

For some people, treatment can take a bit longer.

Are there any other steps to take?

You’ll need to keep track of your treatment and progress using your online account.

Pay attention to updates and reminders, showing when to move on with your treatment. You’ll have all of your aligners in your possession, which means that your online account is the only way to see when you’ll need the next set. Expect to change to new aligners roughly every two weeks.

You don’t need to visit the WonderSmile clinic at any point during your treatment.

How much does WonderSmile treatment cost?

The total cost will vary, based on your selected treatment options:

3D scan

You’ll need to visit a WonderSmile clinic for your initial 3D scan. For your scan and 3D image, you’ll pay a £40 fee.

If you’re not a suitable candidate for dental aligner treatment, WonderSmile will refund your £40.


Standard treatment costs £1,399, to take you from start to finish.

NightClear aligners cost £1,449, making this the more expensive option.


You’ll be charged £50 for a set of replacement aligners. This is cheaper than the cost of replacements from many of WonderSmile’s competitors.

As you’ll have every set of aligners in your possession, there is another option available. WonderSmile recommends that if you lose or break aligners, you move onto the next set slightly early.

Accelerating your treatment may cause a bit of pain, as your teeth will be forced to move more quickly, but is WonderSmile’s recommendation for avoiding the cost of replacements.


At the end of treatment, a set of retainers will set you back another £60. This is a typical price for a set of clear retainers, keeping WonderSmile in line with other companies.

You should be willing to replace your retainers approximately every 6 months. Over time, they might be damaged and can become weakened and stained. You can expect ongoing costs, to maintain your new smile, of around £120 per year.

Are payment options available?

For clear aligners, pay a deposit of £139. This will be followed by 12 monthly payments of £105. The instalments are interest-free, so you won’t pay more for spreading the cost of your treatment.

You can also spread the cost of NightClear aligners, again with no interest to pay. Pay £144 to start treatment, followed by 12 monthly payments of £120.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

The evaluation process comes with a £40 fee, though you’ll get a refund if you’re not suited to treatment.

You’ll receive all of your aligners straight away, at the start of your WonderSmile treatment. Once you’ve used your last set, you’re officially finished and discharged. WonderSmile does not offer a guarantee that you’ll get the results you expected, though many positive customer reviews should give you some peace of mind.

How old do you have to be?

WonderSmile offers clear aligner treatment to customers aged 12 or over. If you’re under 18, you must have consent from a parent or guardian.

You should have all adult teeth in their final places, before using dental aligners.

Where is WonderSmile treatment available?

You can receive WonderSmile treatment in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

What about customer service?

You’ll meet some of the WonderSmile team at your initial appointment. This is your chance to talk about treatment, and check that you’re happy with everything.

After your clinic visit, all further conversation will happen online or by phone. You’ll have your own online account for updates and messages or can call WonderSmile Customer Care on 020 3965 1800.

WonderSmile: The Verdict


WonderSmile does not offer an entirely ‘from home’ option. You’ll need to visit a physical clinic to start your WonderSmile treatment. There are several clinics in London, with others dotted around the UK in Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Liverpool so far.

Though WonderSmile clinics are positioned throughout the country, they won’t be convenient for everyone. Instead, you might prefer a competitor that lets you make your own moulds at home.

If you can get to a clinic, you will only need to visit once. All further treatment is managed online, with aligners delivered to your door.


WonderSmile’s aligners are at prices in line with many other similar companies. But, there are savings to be enjoyed elsewhere through your treatment.

You’ll like that you have alternative options to paying for replacement aligners. This can keep the cost down, if you break or lose a set during treatment. The £40 charge for a 3D scan is also a very fair price.

WonderSmile really stands out for those choosing to pay in instalments. Their interest-free offering is very appealing, and something most competitors don’t offer. Usually, you’ll face higher prices if you choose a monthly payment option, but with WonderSmile this won’t cost more.

You receive everything you need for your treatment in one big box. The only ongoing costs are for retainers, which you should replace twice a year. Fortunately, WonderSmile’s retainers are priced very fairly as well.

Ease of use

With WonderSmile, there’s no need to worry about making your impressions at home. Instead, every customer must visit a clinic for a professional scan. This isn’t convenient for every customer but does reduce the risks of mistakes.

If you have a little self-discipline, WonderSmile’s treatment could be one of the easiest options. You receive every set of aligners at the start of your treatment so that they’re ready to go. You don’t need to accept deliveries every few weeks or worry about delays in treatment if you’re going on holiday. Through your online account, you’ll be told when to switch to your next set of aligners.

Some people won’t like the responsibility of receiving everything at once. If you’ll be tempted to go off-track or might misplace your aligners, then you may prefer a competitor that delivers each set when it’s needed.


WonderSmile’s standard aligners should be worn for around 22 hours a day. Most competitors offer similar aligners, at prices that are almost the same.

If you want fast results, standard aligners are the most suitable option.

NightClear aligners provide an alternative, for those that want more discreet treatment. Wear these whilst you’re asleep, with longer treatment times and slower results. With WonderSmile, you’ll pay a little more if you’d like nighttime-only aligners.

If you’d only like to shift one row of teeth, a third option might be available. You might be able to purchase one arch, instead of a set of two, reducing the total cost of treatment by £250. For most people, it’s better to buy full sets of dental aligners.


WonderSmile doesn’t offer much reassurance if you’re unhappy with results. Whilst other companies might continue your treatment, with WonderSmile that’s not an option. You receive every set of aligners at the start of your treatment, and finish when you get to the end. Issues may be picked up along the way, though you might not be offered extra treatment.

Fortunately, if you’re found not to be a suitable candidate after your initial 3D scan, WonderSmile will offer a refund of your £40 fee.

If you have any comments from first-hand experience with WonderSmile, please leave them below.

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WonderSmile Review
WonderSmile is a provider of clear teeth aligners that you can order and wear at home.
Reader Rating126 Votes
Supported by qualified orthodontists
Choose to buy one arch, instead of sets of two aligners
Optional nighttime-only aligners as an alternative treatment
No need to pay for replacement aligners
Interest-free monthly instalment plans
No option to get started from home
No end of treatment guarantee
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